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PHI PLASMA PEN                                                     


No more wrinkles, acne, skin blemishes, scars, warts, milia, crow's feet or frown lines and nasolabial lines!                                                             

Do you have any of the above complaints?  

Then the Phi Plasma Pen is the right choice for you.

This type of treatment is used to remove and tighten excess skin.

It is a new type of plasma technology that refines the top layer of the skin.

treatment process

The plasma generator ionizes the air. This creates a plasma cloud.

With the help of this plasma cloud, the process is made easier because the heat effect removes and tightens the unwanted areas. The effect of the heat "vaporizes" the top layer of skin, and points are placed on the unwanted areas of the skin to immediately strengthen and contract the skin fibers. 

With this method, you don't have to worry about damaging the surrounding or underlying tissue or introducing unwanted thermal energy.

Slight swelling and redness will occur immediately after the treatment.

During the healing process, thin crusts form on the treated area.

These crusts dissolve and the skin turns slightly pink.

But this is not bad, because you can cover it with some foundation.

The skin coloring only dissolves when the top layer of skin has completely regenerated.

duration of treatment and durability

One treatment is usually sufficient. Depending on the effect, it can be decided after 1-3 months whether an additional treatment is necessary. Age is important for this treatment.

Whether the treatment should be refreshed annually depends on the condition of the skin and the aging process.

Because with increasing age, the number of collagen fibers and the content of endogenous hyaluronic acid decreases.

As a result of this process, the skin loses its elasticity and resilience. Not only age leads to skin aging, but also other circumstances, such as sun rays, medication, alcohol, stress and others.

The condition of the skin and the aging process are then decisive for durability.

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