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Cosmetic teeth whitening

The most attractive thing about a person is their smile. It makes a big difference and that's why so much value is placed on a white smile. However, teeth discolor very quickly over time. Everyday coffee or cigarettes usually have a negative effect on a beautiful smile.
We therefore have the solution for you! 

With the SMILEFFECT® TECHNOLOGY we give you a magical smile without pain or side effects.
We don't use aggressive amounts of bleach for this, as dentists do, for example.

So if you want to achieve cosmetic teeth whitening without side effects (such as sensitive teeth), you can try the latest technology with us, which works almost entirely without peroxides and is far more effective.

How is smileZERO® Gel used?

The alternative to conventional bleaching procedures is Smileffect®. A bleaching gel is used, which whitens the teeth by up to nine shades in just one treatment! Since the gel only reacts on the tooth surface, gums and tooth enamel are not attacked. It contains less than 0.1 percent peroxide and thus complies with the regulations of the European Commission for cosmetic and therefore over-the-counter bleaching products. 
The application only takes 30 minutes.

First, the current color nuance is recorded using a color scale and then cleaned with the fingerbrush.

The first mouth splint is then filled with the smileZERO® gel and inserted. This gel is then irradiated with LED light for 15 minutes. This will activate the whitening agent.

This operation will be 2-3 times  repeated and you can see the result. The new tooth color is compared to the previously recorded tooth color and recorded.
The whitening lasts between two and six months and depends on individual dental care and consumption habits. A refresher can be done at any time.

In order to avoid discolouration at home, smileffect® offers a "SoftWhite" foam that can be used like toothpaste.

Who is teeth whitening not recommended for?

In principle, smileZERO® Gel has no side effects. However, this treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women or chemotherapy patients. In addition, only healthy teeth can be treated, teeth such as cavities or strong tartar are excluded from whitening.

What should you pay attention to after the treatment?  

After the treatment, you should refrain from smoking and staining foods for a day or two, otherwise the teeth will become discolored. Because the tooth is deprived of water, which from the Zah  is stored again. Immediate discoloration occurs during this phase.


In general, teeth whitening lasts 3 to 6 months, but this depends on consumption habits and dental care.  

Which toothpaste should you use?

Our recommendation in the morning is a toothpaste with aloe vera gel and echinacea for excellent freshness.

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