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IPL-SHR  (Super Hair Removal)


The wish of every woman is to get rid of the annoying hair permanently and to leave the strenuous manual work such as epilation, waxing, but also plucking and shaving. We have the solution for you!

We use the latest and most professional technology for permanent hair removal. This is the "Super Hair Removal" method used by our trained staff. This will get rid of your unwanted hair in no time and you can enjoy your smooth skin in the future.

You save not only the trouble but also the time for any other hair removal methods. 
The SHR device works with the heat method, in which the areas to be depilated are carried out with an intense flash of light from a high-energy xenon lamp (IPL system). The temperature is adapted to the skin and is always painless for the customer. These intense pulses of light lead to the dissolution of the hair growth zone.


The number of hair removal sessions varies depending on skin type, hair color (black, brown, blonde), body region and hair density. On average it takes 6-10 treatments to be completely hair free. It also depends on the skin area and the hair structure, as it can vary. Under-pigmented (e.g. gray) hair and vellus hair (down) cannot be removed with photoepilation, as they lack the pigment melanin, which could absorb light.
Since the hair grows in different cycles and can only be removed by photoepilation in its growth phase (analgenic phase), but not in the resting phase (cealot phase), several treatments are required in any case.
Measures that disrupt the growth cycle, such as mechanical epilation, plucking, thread epilation and also hair removal with wax, should be avoided for at least 4 weeks before and during the treatment period.

Instead, shaving is allowed during the treatment period because it does not affect the growth cycle. Another alternative is hair removal with a hair removal cream.

The hair is shaved immediately before the treatment so that it does not burn during the treatment and cause superficial reactions. Only when the skin is removed from the hair can the pulsed lights reach the root directly. Furthermore, the skin must be carefully cleaned of applied cosmetics etc.
In order to prevent the risk of a photoallergic reaction, it is important to state which medications are being taken at the time of treatment or were taken shortly before treatment (e.g. antibiotics, iron preparations, certain sleeping pills, St. John's wort, etc.). Certain skin diseases can be caused or aggravated by exposure to light.
For the treatment, the skin is shaved and cleaned beforehand. After that, the treatment area is smeared with a gel to level the skin. The handpiece is placed on the skin and the pulsed light flashes are triggered. When the light energy hits, you can feel a slight heat impulse and a tingling/piking sensation, roughly comparable to a snapping rubber band. If the pain is more severe, the skin can be cooled before, during and after the treatment. 
After treatment
Occasionally, reddening or slight inflammation (perifollicular edema), similar to sunburn, occurs immediately after the treatment, which quickly subsides with cooling. It is recommended to avoid any strong UV exposure (sunbathing, solarium) for about 3 weeks after the treatment or to cover the treated skin areas with suitable sun protection with a very high UV protection factor (SPF 50+), for example.

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