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The eyebrows are the frame of the face that makes up most of a face. 

There are thick, thin, full, bald or just natural brows. With a good treatment you can give yourself a well-groomed appearance very quickly. Most women therefore draw their eyebrows with a special pencil, which can be very time-consuming. That's why we have the solution for you.

You don't have to do much to have a very neat look around the clock!

With the microblading method, the brows are drawn permanently and thus fill in the eyebrows.

The eyebrow hairs are deceptively real and look very natural. ​

What is microblading?

With microblading, the top layer of skin is pigmented. With your own eyebrow, fine hairs are arranged in the direction of growth with a needle.

Difference between Microblading and Permanent Make Up

Microblading reflects an original effect in contrast to permanent make-up, which represents an optically wider eyebrow.

With microblading, the hairs run in the direction of growth, which reflects a natural effect. 

In contrast to permanent make-up, the hairs are worked into the skin with a vibrating needle. As a result, the color is distributed and optically wider permanent make-up hairs follow.


Durability of Microblading  

Microblading lasts 1 to 2 years. Up to three treatments are necessary for this treatment in order to achieve an effective color result. Because it is a pigmentation of the top layer of skin, it continuously loses color over time. This happens because it depends on various influences, such as metabolism, blood circulation or others. You can have the color refreshed for a period of 9 to 12 months.  

When are the follow-up treatments?

Our skin renewal process is approximately 28 days. In order not to irritate the skin during the after-treatment, we recommend a four-week interval, because the skin can regenerate during this period of time.  

Does microblading fade completely?  

The microblading fades completely. This is also a good sign, because our type, face and facial expressions are changing. Therefore, you should have the color refreshed within a period of 9 to 12 months, otherwise it will be completely absorbed by the body.

Matching shape and color 

We have the right shape and color for you. You are entitled to everything from light blonde to dark brown. We adapt to you. Furthermore, we take a lot of time with the shape drawing, because we would like to draw your desired shape in order to then pigment immediately.

We focus on the "golden ratio" of your face.

Only then does the actual pigmentation take place.  

What should be considered just before pigmentation?

Please refrain from taking aspirin, other blood thinning medication, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages at least 24 hours in advance. At least 10 days must have elapsed when taking the antibiotic. A treatment analysis by our beautician is recommended in advance if an acute skin disease (sunburn, acne) or skin changes can be seen in the area to be pigmented.

We do not recommend a separate consultation appointment, since all questions and necessary information are clarified shortly before the initial treatment. The color selection as well as the shape selection are made together shortly before the treatment.

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